Critical Reading—Bigfoot9

  1. “is PTSD Contagious” – Not as in you can catch it like a cold, but if the behaviors have the ability to be conditioned then yes.
  2. “Brennan Vines has never been to war; But shes got a warriors skill”-This is indicating that while she hasn’t had a personal experience with war- shes been around someone that has where she picked it up.
  3. “Being too cognizant of every sound”- This might be a indication shes always aware of things.
  4. “Her nose starts running she’s pissed” Brennan seems to easily get mad.
  5. Caled Vines is the one that actually went to war, is a veteran, and suffers from PTSD
  6. Brennan Vines is a father and a husband, he suffers from PTSD and both his wife and child exhibit “PTSD-like” behaviors
  7. “Secondary Stress”- behaviors are possible to catch by close or around the original person with PTSD
  8. Brennan has to be careful when she sleeps because Caleb lashes out in the his sleep
  9. “Can’t do the laundry”-shows that even the littlest, easiest tasks are overwhelming for her to do
  10. He went from being fit to “rounder,heavier, bearded and long haired”- The PTSD has taken over his life he isn’t able to keep up with his exercise
  11. “In a bookstore when all of a sudden he’s sure he’s in Ramadi”- his attacks could at any time
  12. “Even Doctors cant say for sure exactly why he has flashbacks”- This might be a indication that not much information is known about this disorder
  13. Katie vines, although a young female that hasn’t been in any war setting, reacts quickly and violently to things like her parents
  14. “hides 18-20 hours at anytime”- It appears that Caleb isn’t able to go outside, Perhaps he is avoiding possible triggers
  15. Katie witnesses her fathers nightmares and might be suffering from what she learns
  16. Since 2005- 70 therapists have been added to military installations to assist people
  17. There is roughly 100,000-400,000 who suffer
  18. Possibly not all have been to war or warlike events, but possible some have had conditioned behavior from first hand experience
  19. PTSD- disorder- mental problem
  20. The actual disorder-mental illness isn’t contagious-but behavior is
  21. Easily passes to the ones closest to you
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