Critical Reading- PTSD- bj112295

“But she’s got a warrior’s skills: hyperawareness, hypervigilance, adrenaline-sharp quick-scanning for danger, for triggers.”

Brannan is subject to this category. She has unusual skills from a regular person in her position. This makes you automatically assume that her skills come from PTSD, but no one can really prove it. Being a hard worker and always being tired drags on the body and can cause these symptons, and plus she is always busy and rarely gets a good night sleep.

“She was recently standing behind a sweet old lady counting out change when she suddenly became so furious her ears literally started ringing.”

A lot of people out there that were born to parents who raised them improperly or not correct and they act crazy and are not diagnosed with PTSD. The articles author wants you to have compassion for the old lady that is why it seems as though its all Brannans fault. Older folks really tend to have memory loss or forget a lot of things. These are some reasons unto why many people are nice to the elderly people and even though Brannan has no affiliation with this women, the author makes it seem as though the old lady is of innocence.

“Her nose starts running she’s so pissed, and there she is standing in a CVS, snotty and deaf with rage, like some kind of maniac, because a tiny elderly woman needs an extra minute”.

The impatience that is exposed in her is really more than likely told about 10x more than what actually happened. Nothing happens, yeah she gets fired up at the women but she stays to herself. The warrior skills description having her nose flared up or snotty really has nothing to do with the elderly women unless action was physically taken. There is another characteristic being subjected to the old lady description -she’s tiny and old and sweet, so she looks even more helpless comparing to the “kind of maniac”, pissed, healthy middle aged woman.

“Brannan Vines has never been to war, but her husband, Caleb, was sent to Iraq twice, where he served in the infantry as a designated marksman.”

This controversy about Brannan seems to be very unlikely to be like him , this sentence has shown up twice already and there is no way that you can begin this sentence, if they would of just wanted to speak to her about her husband only. There is a connection made between her husband being at war and her mental problems she is having at this dramatic time in her life.

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