Critical Reading- peachesxo

1.) Is PTSD contagious?

  • This is a question being asked because of the usage of the word “is”
  • Usually when people think of PTSD they think that it’s a mental condition that cannot be spread (like a virus).
  • This question imposes that PTSD might be contagious.

2.) “Brannan Vines have never been to war”

  • Brannan has never been to war, but she is hypervigilance and hyperaware of everything.
  • She detects danger and is impatient.
  • Brannan gets mad for the littlest thing
  • At this point people would thing that she has temper problems.

3.) “Brannan Vines has never been to war, but her husband, Caleb, was sent to Iraq twice, where he served in the infantry as a designated marksman.”

  • Caleb, Brannan’s husband, went to war and it was said that he had brain trauma while serving in Afghanistan/ Iran.
  • People don’t take PTSD serious but it has long time affects on the community

4.) “Like Brannan’s symptoms. Hypervigilance sounds innocuous, but it is in fact exhaustingly distressing, a conditioned response to life-threatening situations.”

  • We can get a picture of what PTSD feels like
  • The Vines feel this sense of threat every single day.

5.)”Caleb has been home since 2006, way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms.”

  • This goes back to the question if PTSD is contagious or not.
  • Brannan was around Caleb so much that she “caught” the PTSD
  • The Vine’s house is secluded from the rest of the town so it is easy to hear the littlest things
  • They don’t watch the news because there are triggers
  • There are still some worse cases of PTSD out there

6.) “Sometimes I can’t do the laundry,”

  • Brannan’s mind blanks out
  • Her voice is shaky
  • When Caleb is gone, the blinds are open; however, when Caleb comes back, Brannan closes the blinds
  • This indicates that Caleb’s situation is far worse than Brannans

7.) “THE VINESES’ WEDDING ALBUM is gorgeous, leather-bound,”

  • This shows how “normal” and “Happy” the Vines were back then before Caleb went to war.

8.) “Now, he’s rounder, heavier, bearded, and long-haired”

  • This shows how much the war affected Caleb

9.)”It’s kind of hard to understand Caleb’s injuries.”

  • Doctors don’t know what is wrong with Caleb
  • They think it has something to do with the proteins or family history/trauma
  • This shows how much doctors are still unaware about the causes of PTSD

10.) “Whatever is happening to Caleb, it’s as old as war itself.”

  • This shows that there are many cases in the past of PTSD.
  • People were not fond of others who had PTSD
  • Some were executed and others were hit
  • This gives insight on actions that can make PTSD worse.

Time’s up.

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