Critical Reading- bigcounrty609

  1. Brannan Vines has warrior skills, although she has never been to war or trained in anyway. How is this possible?
  2. Caleb, her husband has been to iraq, it would make sense for him to have warrior skills
  3. Caleb is a victim of PTSD. He suffers but oddly so does his wife.
  4. Is PTSD contagious? It’s asking a question because of the word ‘is’.
  5. PTSD is contagious as is secondhand smoke. This makes sense and could be why the entire family suffers from this.
  6. Whatever is happening to Caleb is as old as war itself. This is stating how far it goes back and using war as comparison.
  7. Diagnosing PTSD is a tricky thing. Not only a general statement but shows how tricky this whole situation is with his family being as effected as they are.
  8. Secondary traumatic stress has been documented in the spouses of veterans with PTSD from Vietnam. This shows backup information on how Calebs wife is showing many symptoms.
  9. Suppose there is a second generation effect in veterans. Another valid piece of back up information that is suggesting that PTSD can be contagious.
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