Summaries by ohearnj8

It seems counter intuitive that in an attempt to purify figure skating in the olympics it actually backfired on the olympics committee. Bruce Bower elaborates the results in his article on the subject called ” Figure Skating Judges get a 10 for duplicity”.

The people who judge these games are bought out and influenced to vote for their own countries. The committee has attempted to fix this by making the voting system completely anonymous. However in this attempt vote trading increased twenty percent. There needs to be a change in the selection process for the the next games because it it ruining the sport of figure skating. There should be no compatriots on the judges table for fear of biased scores.

It seems counterintuitive to armor a plane where its been shot and not where it wasn’t. Kevin Drum explains why in his article, ” The counterintuitive world”, the WW2 planes were not being armored in the spots where there were not hit.

If the planes were coming back with bullet holes in some spots, that means the spots were not too essential to the planes life. This is because when the planes were hit in the other spots they never returned home. This can also be shown in other cases like getting sick. Sometimes we wait to see a doctor until the sickness is at its worst and suddenly get all better. We think the doctor cured us but realistically we were cured all by ourselves.

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