A03: Stone Money Rewrite

This Is an Essay Title

Although it will never be part of your Portfolio and can be considered a warmup or minor essay assignment, you’ll begin the essential process of revising all your work by posting an improved version of your Stone Money essay as a new post, in a new category, A03: Stone Money Rewrite.

If you did not ask for feedback on your first draft, study the essays of your classmates and the feedback they received as the basis for your round of substantial revisions. To be clear, when you’re finished posting your rewrite, you’ll have two different posts, A01: Stone Money, and A03: Stone Money Rewrite.

Both posts will earn grades; neither post will become part of your Portfolio.

Works Cited
You’ll need to cite two sources for this Rewrite, which don’t have to be, but which can be different from those you selected for your first draft, A01.


    • Post this mandatory Rewrite of your first short argument.
    • Give your essay an actual title (The title of this post is: “This Is an Essay Title”).
    • Make significant revisions to your A01, and publish them in a new post, Stone Money Rewrite—Username.
    • Include Works Cited.
    • Publish your definition essay in the A03: Stone Money Rewrite category and your own Username category.


    • Due noon (11:59 am) TUE SEP 22.
    • Customary late penalties. (0-24 hours 10%) (24-48 hours 20%) (48+ hours, 0 grade)
    • Non-Portfolio Essay

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