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It seems counterintuitive that men were always the ones to define what the rape is, whether or not the rapist should be punished or was the woman actually victimized.

Throughout the history of relationship between man and woman females were abused by different laws established by male. At some periods of the time it was impossible to prove that you were raped if you got pregnant after that. Different scientists and lawmakers would insist that female body can shut the whole thing down; in remaining cases, people believed that woman can’t be conceived. Another thing is that punishment for rapist would depend on what’s the victim’s social status or sexual experience. Some laws would allow men to rape women on daily basis if woman is married to the rapist or if she was “impure”.

It seems counterintuitive that small marshmallow test can define what kind of person child may become depending on results.

Walter Mischel’s well known marshmallow test examines kids’ ability to hold out for getting a promised better reward. Based on result of the test, children who can wait usually would be better in life. However, according to Celeste Kidd’s research marshmallow experiment also tests kids’ belief and trust. Children that were raised in poor or dysfunctional family most likely wouldn’t expect adults to give them better things, so they would just take what they were offered at the moment.

It seems counterintuitive that human’s life is always in danger. People that live comfortably and have fast access to medications and professional doctor’s help underestimate a danger of small things like slipping in the shower or falling on the sidewalk. These accidents have a higher possibility percentage than the ones that are beyond our control or cause many deaths. On the other hand, people that live closely with nature, wild life and no professional medical care learned how to avoid the actual potential danger coming from our habitat  and usual things that surround us in our normal life.

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