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Link to The  The Hair Part Theory

It seems counterintuitive that the way we part our hair has a huge impact on people’s impression of us. However, two siblings, John Walter and Catherine Walter developed the Hair Part Theory, claiming that where we part our hair sends off different messages to people.

After many research and comparing the different hairstyles, the siblings claim that the hair part has a psychological affect. The siblings reveal that where we choose to part hair draws attention to a particular brain hemisphere and associate us to that brain hemisphere’s function. For example, people who part their hair on the left draw more attention to the left hemisphere of the brain, which gives off the impression of someone very rational because the left hemisphere of the brain associates with memorization, math, and logical related things. On the other hand, people who part their hair on the right side, will have more focus to the right hemisphere, giving an impression that relates to the right hemisphere’s qualities like creativity, art, and so on.

Though this sounds questionable, it is evident that many leaders have certain hair parts to give off an aura that they are looking for. For instance, many strong leaders tend to have their hair parted on the left side for a more serious impression. An example would be in Cullen Murphy’s “The Mirror of Dorian Gray,” he stated that “Margaret Thatcher’s left-side part supposedly enhanced her aura of strength and will…”

Therefore, they way we look can tell a lot about ourselves to people, even the way we part our hair.

Link to the Source

It seems counterintuitive that our way of treating depression is bizarre and far from helping the depressant.

Our advance technology has taken us steps forward in increasing our health and lifespan. If we are diagnosed with depression, we are given many options to choose to help relieve our depression. The common method is to have therapy, which seems helpful because by taking therapy, we have the opportunity to express our inner troubles with someone who is trained in the field of psychology. However, to other parts of the world, the method seems to be very odd. For instance, people in East Africa think depressants should go outside into sunlight for them to feel happier, listen to music or drums for their blood to circulate, have the community involved for support, and the people view depression as an invasive spirit. Yet, in America we put depressants in little room and make them talk about their problems and we view it as sad emotions and an illness.

Though people who study psychology and specialize in he medical field tell us that help for depression is available, there is very little knowledge about depression and how to cure it.


It is counterintuitive that patients have more control on how well doctors serve them. Research on Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston shows that doctors tend to perform better for wealthy people. Initial thoughts were that doctors were biased and helped the wealthier people more to get more out of their pay; however, that assumption was proven false because doctors have no way in telling which family had the more income or not. What studies are suggesting is that people who are poor have trouble in communicating their needs; therefore, not receiving the doctor’s best performance.

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