Summaries – twofoursixohtwo

Thought Experiment #2 

It seems counterintuitive that changing a caption on a photograph changes it’s meaning. A photo’s significance can differ depending on angle, lighting, focus, and many other elements, but the text connected to it can flip a photo on it’s head.

The opening to the article presents three pictures in a line. These three pictures are actually the exact same, simply with a different caption underneath depending on what the author intended. Each individual photo had an in depth analysis underneath which were also identical, excluding the last sentence. Depending on the point of view the author intended whether it be a platform of photojournalism, Anti-Israel Propoganda, or Anti-Hezbollah Propoganda, the conclusion to the caption made a statement relevant to it’s cause.

This final line changed the entire meaning behind the photograph, even though the photos were exactly the same. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it seems those words can be manipulated to benefit whatever agenda a photographer or author wishes to fulfill.

Reducing Life Risks

It seems counterintuitive that everyday routines would be so deadly, but the truth is seemingly mundane acts like daily showering are indeed plausible killers, but shouldn’t deter us from everyday life. Though this may have some negative connotation, this elderly author gave an insightful and positive outlook on the idea that death truly is everywhere.

Throughout his travels in New Guinea, there was an instance in which the author was confused by blatant rejection of his native friends when he suggested they set up camp in the forest. It was only when they slept in the open field that the author had heard the gargantuan trees he had passed snap and fall, which would have effectively killed the group in their sleep. Small, seemingly mundane things are always out to get us, and in this context, the author coined the phrase “constructive paranoia”, which he defines as a paranoia that actually makes some sense.

For better or for worse, this man makes his audience aware that these little everyday activities like driving, showering, taking a walk, among other things, are potential, very real hazards of everyday life that take those who are not careful. The reader should take this knowledge in stride, living life to the fullest, rather than hide and apocalypse-proof his or her house for good.

Combat Heroin with Heroin

It seems counterintuitive that Vancouver’s idea of solving violent addiction is to give heroin addicts more heroin, and actually have that plan fair rather well. This program consists of a safe zone under the name “Insite”, where addicts could shoot up with clean equipment, nurses on standby, and no fear of arrest.

After several research projects involving heroin substitutes, this program is treating a small amount of addicts in the area- those considered the worst of the worst, practically untreatable. These patients were not affected by the previous substitutes and now take part in a practice doctors call “harm prevention”. The goal is not to break the addictive cycle, but to make the severely addicted individuals less of a threat to themselves and others by giving them regular doses of heroin. This method prevents the actions that go along with violent withdrawal, including breaking and entering cars, stealing money, or selling themselves for their next fix, because they now know exactly where it will be coming from. One participant states he is able to now keep at steady job because he isn’t spending all his time finding his next source (Campbell, 2015).

While the circumstances are not ideal, and there seems to be an ultimatum between violent addicts or providing free heroin, the Insite program does provide some good for the bay-side town. For now, as long as this program stays stable and regulated, there will be some level of security for these patients and those around them.

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  1. douglasadams525 says:

    I’d just like to say that I love your username. Les Mis is my favorite show, so I appreciate the reference.


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