It seems very counter intuitive to know that  doctors who take care of poorer patients receive poor performance rating. This is true according  to the data collected from surveys which are given out by the insurance companies. But aren’t the wealthy patients hard to please since they  make their own payment instead the insured patients are the one’s that seem to be not pleased. I feel this is strange and it may have something to do with the medicare or insurance company to not pay doctors well. This can lead to some serious complications if they don’t find out exactly why these doctors are getting such a low ratings from treating poorer  patients. It can also be that wealthy patients are able to understand doctors better through communication  or they may be satisfy by far less care than poorer patients.  Many of the physician will try to move out from their working location and refuse to take care of these poorer patients. Therefore it’s important to know why these people act in this way towards health care providers.

It seems counter intuitive that Vancouver is allowing to give heroine addict one of the best heroine on planet to treat them. This harm reduction program has been open in Vancouver for only those very few who are severely addicted. Methodone  and other alternatives didn’t work for these addicts. The addicts can just insite the heroine without having fear of being arrested by cops, under supervision of a nurse.

As it turns out, the heroine addicts seems to function and live there life much comfortably by drugging themselves with heroine. There body is very toxic after use of heroine, that it is nearly impossible for their bodies to complete stop heroine. In order to keep them mentally stable and prevent them from causing harm to society, heroine is allowed to be given to them. As long as Insite program runs for these addicts, it will prevent these addicts from going out of control such as committing suicide, doing robbery, or selling themselves for money to buy heroine.

It seems counter intuitive that life can have all these chances to harm you. This 75 years old man explains to us how everyday routine can get dangerous if you are not careful. From taking shower in bathroom to camping outside under a old tree, he gives us some chances of you being the target of death. The author mentions about his travel in Guinea, and  how he’s friends refused to have their tent set up under a tree. He thought his friends were exaggerating too much, until he encountered hearing falling trees whenever he went camping. The author also mentions how his wife almost got hit by a fallen tree.

The author gives his readers very useful information of  how every action you take in life make such as driving, running, and many more can be dangerous for you if your not careful. However, he also says how certain things are not in our hand of when death may come to you. Basically you need to have positive outlook in life as well but also not underestimate your chances of surviving.

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