You Forgot Your Title, breadpatrol

0:00-0:01- A car drives passed the camera quickly, revealing a man and woman who appear to be lightly arguing outside a crowded place, in front of a car with it’s driver’s and back passenger doors open.

0:02-0:08 The man tells the woman something as she appears to give into whatever he was pushing. The man kisses the woman, and a driver with a bottle of beer hops in the drivers seat, while she sits in the back.

0:09-0:14 Another man comes to the car from the building, and shares a few words with the man from the beginning. They all hop into the car with bottles of beer in hand, the driver hands his bottle to the man in the passenger seat.

0:15-0:16 The woman’s friend says something to the driver in the front seat.

0:16-0:18 Close up of man behind the wheel, who makes silly faces in response the man behind him talking, as he attempts to start the car. He is clearly drunk as is everyone else in the car.

0:19-20: Dolly shot of the man in the backseat sit back and put his arm around the woman, ready to start moving.

0:21-0:22 Close up of driver sticking keys into the ignition, and turning them to start the car.

0:23-0:25 A flash of light fills the screen and suddenly a shot of two skeletons are shown in the back, there’s a flash of light outside the car and the camera pulls forward to reveal skeletons in the front seat as well.

0:26-0:30 A skeleton hand reaches out to shake that of a regular humans fleshy hand. They meet and above them the words “Drinking and Driving can kill a friendship” appears over the two shaking hands.

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