The advertisement begins with guitar music playing in the background and young woman dancing along it. She has blonde hair and is wearing casual clothing. She seems to be in her early 30s. There are people behind her holding cup in dim lit house room, partying with  loud rock music playing in background. This seems to be advertised  bit back according to the music and clothing taste.

(0:00-0:01) In beginning she is dancing and having conversation with someone with her head faced to her left saying “ And what’s that?” The other woman, her friend, is dancing with head shaking downwards.

(0:02-0:03)- She lifts up big black glass bottle similar to alcohol bottle to drink with her right hand. As soon as she drinks it there’s a clogging noise that comes from her mouth.

(0:04-0:6)She pauses looking up with her left hand on her mouth, with very concerned look on her face. She shakes as she tries to be aware of her situation. Her other friend on her left side stops dancing and looks at her smiling. Her friend seems to be too drunk to take anything serious.

(0:08)- She puts her left hand towards her mouth to spit something out and tooth falls out. Her friend shockingly looks at it and holds palm of her hands toward her mouth to hold in the laughter or the shock.

(0:11)- She surprisingly sees tooth fall off in palm of her hand. Her first reaction is she starts laughing while looking at it on palm of her hand. Her other friend falls on side toward her in laughter looking at the tooth she was holding.

(0:14) The woman is still holding tooth on her hand. And tries to complete sentence of what she wants to say while looking at her broken tooth  but is unable to.

(0:15-0:17)- Both of the girls fall down losing balance  on to the couch behind them with loud laugher holding each other.

The advertisement makes statements “ It’s easy to tell if you had way too many”

(0:18)- Now the focus goes towards this other young girl who is sitting next to this young guy on the house staircase in the same previous setting. There are two bottles of alcohol and one red cup next to the staircase where they both are sitting.

(0:19)-The girl holds up her car key in her hand looking at the guy and says “No, I’m not drunk” to the guy who may be concerned.

(0:22)- As she gets up smiling he makes bye gesture with his hand.

(0:23) She gets down on the stairs and makes shush gesture with her finger over her lips. As if it were secret between them that she was drunk

0:25)- She crouches down to pick up her sweater and turns towards door to run out. The guy in the back doesn’t seems to be unhappy and seems concerned with the fact she will be driving drunk. At the end of this advertisement, the video makes a statement “ Buzzed driving is drunk driving”.

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