Visual – mymomshouldhavenamedmegrace

0:02 – A girl is walking down a hallway. I am confident in saying that she is in school, perhaps walking to her first class. She is surrounded by lockers, and carries a book bag. Although her back is turned to the camera, her clothing choice and the children that surround her tell me that she is presumably between 12 and 15 years old.

0:03 – The same girl walking to class is stopped in the hallway, facing two other girls. Her stance is wide, her legs farther than shoulder width apart. Her right hand is raised but not outward as if to touch the other girls. Could she be telling a story to her friends, excited, using her hands for emphasis?

0:05 – We see the face of the girl we have followed since the beginning for the first time. She has glasses, and her face is contorted. We see her expression as a mixture of disgust and perhaps fear, as if she has seen a spider and although revolted, she is paralyzed and unable to kill it. If she is telling a story, she is certainly animated and believable.

0:08 – Our main character is now kneeling, one hand on her bag. The camera angle has moved out, we can see she is still with the two girls she met in the hallway. Perhaps she wants to show them something she brought to school with her, or we may have caught her midway as she kneels down to tie her shoe.

0:09 – We clearly see the contents of the girls book bag strewn across the hallway, she must have dropped it. But looking to the right side of the screen, one of the girls we don’t know much about has put her foot on the backpack of our protagonist. The other girl, still standing as well, is off to the left. Neither of them bends down to help clean up the mess of the backpack.

0:10 – One of the standing girls, particularly the one with her foot on the bag, has picked up a strand of the kneeling girls’ hair. She is just holding it, and looking down at the girl who is also looking down, presumably to gather up her things. Although I am not sure, I don’t think that the standing girls are friends of the main character after all.

0:12 – The camera switches to a view of the hallway of what is most definitely a school. Children walk by with backpacks and no emotions. No one seems to be looking in the direction of our main character.

0:15 – One of the standing girls has taken our kneeling girl’s glasses. If you look hard enough, you can see a smirk on the standing girl as she holds the glasses in her hands like she is playing with a toy. The girl from the beginning of the video holds her hand to her forehead. I assume she is unable to see without these glasses, and she wears a look of desperation. It is clear that the standing girls are not here to be nice to the kneeling girl.

0:19 – The standing girl to the left has knelt down now as well, with her hand on our main character’s head, as if to turn it. Still cleaning up her backpack, the kneeling girl looks reluctant to turn her head. She is staring straight down. At this point, we see a multitude of other students in the background, although not one of them is interested in what is going on. Could it be all that bad is no one is paying any attention?

0:22 – The kneeling girl continues to kneel, we see that she is still without her glasses.  She still has a look of hopelessness and frustration. The two girls she originally met in the hallway are standing above her with smug smiles on their faces. It is apparent that the two girls are in some way shape or form scaring our main character. The odd thing about this specific view is that we now see the scene from another perspective. They are farther away now, and there is a frame of some sort around the girls, as if one was looking through a window or a hole in the wall. Maybe the director of the scene thought another view was appropriate to convey the message.

0:23 – The camera view changes to a close up of a girl’s face. She is not one that we have seen before. Around her face is the same border from the previous shot. Looking closely, it appears that she is looking in a mirror. Her expression is somewhat unreadable. She is not visibly happy or sad. It could be said that she seems deep in thought, maybe studying her own face for reasons of vanity.

0:28 – A white screen takes the frame with the words “Teach your kids how to be more than a bystander”, with the link to a bullying website below.

The scared and defeated look of the first girl is justified, as this is an ad for bullying. While there were some questionable moments in the beginning few shots, it became clearer throughout. Upon listening to the audio of the advertisement, name calling and snickering can be heard from the bullying girls. The girl in the mirror is the bystander that the end shot speaks of. She sees it happen, she hears it happen, but she does nothing. Not one student in the hallway stops to help the kneeling girl as she is tormented for what I assume is not the first time.

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