My Hypothesis – CocoChanel715

  • Climate Change
  • Climate Change around the world
  • Climate Change in different elevations
  • The Coral Reef decreasing in size every year
  • The Arctic melting and getting significantly smaller
  • The snow caps on top of the mountains disappearing
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1.going back to the moon

2. Going back to the moon can further education

3. Going back to the moon can help further education

4. Its good to check back up on the moon

5. Going to the moon during different phases can be seen different at all phases

6. Going back to the moon is essential to understanding planet earth more.

7. Going back to moon is essential for americans because we own that moon and its very beautiful piece of life that helps us live. Helps us in the longrun to understand the rest of humanity and what we believe in. Thats because the moon is very valued here on planet earth. history always repeats itself.

8. Going back to the moon will help new studies. Because life here on earth always changes and so will the know this because i have a belief the moon is very fragile and unique in detail.

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Health is being sacrificed for comfort

People indulge recklessly in both mental and physical stimulants

Overindulging in unhealthy habits can negatively affect health

Unhealthy food and drink is affecting society in more ways than one.

Unhealthy eating/drinking habits affects you both physically and mentally.

Unhealthy food and drink is our generation’s addiction and it is affecting people both physically and mentally. 

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My Hypothesis – gingerbreadman27

Renewable energy

Types of renewable energy

Renewable energy and their impact on the environment

Is renewable energy better for the environment when compared to traditional methods.

Is it even possible to remove fossil fuels completely from our daily lives.

Is it feasible to completely integrate renewable energy into every aspect of our lives.

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My Hypothesis – Kilotoon

  1. Weightlifting should be more popular in young children
  2. Lifting should be introduced to kids at a young age
  3. The benefits associated with lifting at an early age
  4. Lifting weights in a safe manner at a early age has way more benefits than other sports.
  5. More schools should introduce weightlifting as a sport instead of other popular sports. as it is more beneficial to growing children and teenagers when done in a safe manner.
  6. Educating and training young children and teenagers on the sport of powerlifting as part of the curriculum would greatly benefit the health and lifestyle of the students.

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My Hypothesis – Lily4Pres

  1. Marijuana.
  2. Marijuana in sports.
  3. How marijuana can assist athletes.
  4. Marijuana’s capabilities will assist athletes – if they choose to use it – in their recuperating processes.
  5. With weed being one of the major, commonly used banned substances, allowing athletes to utilize the use of marijuana will take sports to a higher level.
  6. Allowing marijuana to be utilized by athletes will lessen the injury rate and will elevate the level of sports due to the recuperation capabilities of marijuana.

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My Hypothesis

1.CBD is better a better option to treat pain rather than prescription medications

2. Why CBD has many benefits for treating pain and mental health.

3. Why athletes are switching to CBD products instead of pain medications to improve their health.

4. Different types of CBD products to help treat pain.

5. CBD products can save people more money rather than buying medications.

6. CBD is reducing drug cravings and can save more people from overdose.

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My Hypothesis- friendoftacos

  1. Abortion
  2. Decreasing abortion rates
  3. Reducing unsafe abortions would decrease abortion rates
  4. Teaching about safe sex would reduce abortions
  5. Making abortion legal would decrease abortion rates
  6. Legalizing abortion and educating people on abortion would reduce the deaths of infants and their mothers
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My Hypothesis

  1. underage drinking
  2. Minimum drinking ages aren’t effective
  3. Minimum drinking ages don’t stop underage drinking
  4. Teens find ways to drink underage
  5. Teens still find ways to drink underage even with the minimum drinking age.
  6. All minimum drinking ages do is make it more difficult for teens to drink, it does not completely discourage them.

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my hypothesis-zeekdafreak69

  1. The government handles societal problems poorly.
  2. Government intervention can be detrimental to civilian safety.
  3. Government interventions risk public safety and often lie on the cusp of the law.
  4. When the government intervenes with societal issues they use unethical and, at times, illegal tactics.
  5. the governments solutions to violent crimes and societal problems are ethically unjust and often preformed on an illegal bases.
  6. The governments solution to societal issues are unethical and at times illegal, from the FBI’s irresponsible negligence on the Stoneman Douglas school shooting incident to the AFT’s gun walking scandal and many others.

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