How to Write a Good Ransom Note

A Good Argument

  • Bold Clear Premise (Thesis, Hypothesis)
  • Step-by-Step Logical “Proof”
  • Specific Details to emphasize and illustrate the reasoning

Does This Qualify as an Effective Proposal Argument?

Yeah, that’s a horrible Ransom Note. And it would make a horrible argument of any sort. It has no clear premise, follows no logic, is so short on details it does not clearly communicate the consequences of following or failing to follow instructions. 

Does this qualify?

This is more like it, a clear thesis (Proposal Argument: deliver money or lose your husband.), full of specific details and bold claims, it makes its purpose known and identifies the consequences for failure to follow its excellent advice.

Reply below how this comparison of two Ransom Notes helps you understand the value of very specific claims and illustrative language.