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white paper- calamariii

Working Hypothesis: The use of land for livestock farming would be better served and more sustainable long term for agricultural farming. Purposeful Summaries: The current use of land for both livestock and the feed for livestock is increasing at … Continue reading

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White Paper—RowanAnnouncer

Overpopulation. Global overpopulation. Positive and negative effects of overpopulation. Thriving nations and their overpopulation positives and negatives. Thriving vs least developed nations positives and negatives of overpopulation. The current overpopulation rates of thriving vs least developed nations poses many positives … Continue reading

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White Paper- zipemup1

-Working Hypothesis By including financial literacy into our normal school curriculum, we can help students develop good money habits at a young age and prevent many of the mistakes that can lead to chronic poverty. -Academic Sources 1.Why Financial Literacy … Continue reading

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White Paper – Kilotoon

Working Hypothesis Educating and training young children and teenagers on the sport of powerlifting as part of the curriculum would greatly benefit the health, lifestyle, and knowledge of the students. Academic Sources EFFECT OF POWERLIFTING ACTIVITY ON DEVELOPMENT OF BOYS’MOTOR … Continue reading

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White paper- Spaghettitacosforthesoul

Hypothesis 1 The choice to convert to a vegetarian diet negatively impacts the environment because of the mass production of popular healthy foods are resulting in pollution, contributing to the death of millions. Hypothesis 2 The conversion of a vegetarian … Continue reading

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White Paper-zzbrd2822

Working Hypothesis 1: Eliminating the single-minded search for happiness in life would increase the well-being of people who shift their focus to identifying the fulfilling purpose of life. Purposeful Summaries: The Pursuit of Happiness Can Be Lonely Mauss, I. B., … Continue reading

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White Paper – Lunaduna

Working Hypothesis: Scientists determine that the outcome of animal experimentation would not be beneficial because the physiology between animals and humans have major differences. Summary 1: The Flaws and Human Harms of Animal Experimentation             Procedures in a laboratory may … Continue reading

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White Paper-toastedflatbread

Working Hypothesis 1 Allowing humans to observe life challenges through the lens of puppets would offer more sympathy, understanding, and rationality their into hearts and minds Academic Sources Source #1 Between Human and Object: Performing Artists on the Possibilities of … Continue reading

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White Paper – chickendinner

Working Hypothesis 1 Social media use cripples the ability of users to hold conversations and have meaningful personal interaction. Working Hypothesis 2 Social media enables people to build more interpersonal reltaions has a positive net effect on social engagement. Bibliography … Continue reading

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White Paper – littlecow24

Working Hypothesis 1 Playing certain types of music while you are studying and doing homework will help you to become a more efficient worker and will increase your work ethic. Working Hypothesis 2 Different types of music, as extreme as … Continue reading

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