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Visual Rhetoric – krackintheneck

In the opening scene, the camera follows the silhouette of a child down a dark hallway. The frame is cut so you can only see the half of the child’s back and up to his/her head. There is no lights … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric-SunshineGirl

0:00 An African American family stands right outside of their home facing away from it. You can assume this argument is correct because there is a middle-aged bald man, a woman, and two young children, boy and girl. The mom … Continue reading

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Visual- calamariii

0:01-0:03 The opening shot of the ad shows what is most likely a male figure shown in shadow. We are following with the camera on his back while he is walking towards a lit end of the hallway, but the … Continue reading

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0:00-0:01 The opening shot of the video depicts a knight riding a horse and dressed in full armor. He appears to be in an enclosed environment in the backdrop. He is surrounded by metal poles that have been rusted. That … Continue reading

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Visual – Kilotoon

0:00 – 0:03 The first shot of the video displays two warriors riding horseback. The scenery seems as if it were taken right in the wild west. In the back there are trees, both dead and alive, along with a … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric-zzbrd2822

0:01 The viewers are shown a family who is presumably leaving from the front door of their house. The mother of the family is carrying a toddler in one hand and with an orange cup in the other hand.  The … Continue reading

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Visual – chickendinner

In the first shot of the video, we see a woman entering a house through the reflection of a mirror. Beneath the mirror is a desk with a lamp, clock, and key bowl. The clock says 6:10, and between the … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- friendoftacos

0:00-0:03 The first frame that is on the screen a still shot over top of a film production set, with text over top of the image. The set that is in the shot has two leather chairs, a rug, a … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric – Lunaduna

0:00 – 0:03 The video starts with a family holding lots of baby stuff. The mother is holding a young toddler, while her face seems happy. The father has a bunch of toys in his hands, and another child is … Continue reading

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visual – chickennuget

0:00- 0:03  The first shot is of a group of 14 people of all ages at a table full of food outdoors during the day time. Some are sitting and some are standing, and they are all talking, laughing and … Continue reading

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