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Stone Money – Lily4Pres

Pros and Cons to a Human Construct According to, abstract is defined as existing only in the mind; separated from embodiment. In a sense, money slots right into this category by definition. In “The Invention of Money” by This … Continue reading

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Stone Money-RowanAnnouncer

Money: The Most Enduring Lie What if I told you there was a lie that every person endorses. A lie so deeply embedded into our society that it is no longer registered as a lie. A lie that consumes and … Continue reading

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Stone Money—nugget

Needs a Title After reading over all of the different sources and now being knowledgeable about different forms of currency and how they came to be I feel confident I am able to understand the concept of money better as … Continue reading

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Stone Money—eagles

stone money limitations sensible act ofmoney and allegations of whether money is valued enough is a general proposition. Grievances allocate a systematic approach theorically , preassuming a recognizable approach. Nevertheless, causing a guided strategic basis for molding a platform reliable … Continue reading

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Stone Money-lokiofasgard24

Trust Money It seems absurd that we can trade thin green paper or a number on a screen for goods or services. However, as long as people continue to believe in the value of money, it will continue to represent … Continue reading

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Stone Money—comatosefox

We Never Grew Up It is hard to think that all the money you own in your bank accounts and all the physical paper bills and metal disks we pass around, do not exist. We have created a physical object … Continue reading

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Stone Money- calamariii

The Continued Dependence on Currency One of the most important aspects to our society continuing is the existence of money as a concept. Wherever a structured intelligent society exists money will follow because it has to. Constantly quantifying goods and … Continue reading

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Stone Money-zzbrd2822

It’s Real, As Long as We Believe If I pose the question, “What is money?”, what comes to mind? Normally, you would state what has been dictated as the obvious, such as dollar bills or coins. Growing up we were … Continue reading

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Stone Money- Minutemen14

Fugazi, The True  Measure of Currency The idea of money is much more abstract than we make it out to be.  The very key to  what motivates all of us to get out of bed in the morning lacks tangibility … Continue reading

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Stone Money – Kilotoon

Believe it or not! Not once in my life did I ever question the legitimacy or meaning of money. I mean, money are those credit or debit cards or those valuable paper bills and silver coins I give to the … Continue reading

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