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It seems counterintuitive that the circus is named “The Greatest Show on Earth” when the animals are not treated well. After the one elephant Kenny started to get sick during one show and had little interest in eating after the … Continue reading

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Pizza hunt and the pyramids It seems counterintuitive that one can experience chain food meals in the most sacred parts of the world. Pizza hut, a chain food restaurant that sells American-Italian food, is one of the US’s top fast-food … Continue reading

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The hair part theory It seems counterintuitive that a hairstyle can give us so much power, and feel confident.  The hair part theory began when John Walter decided to part his hair another way the usual. The hair part theory … Continue reading

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It seems counterintuitive that national parks have to rely on corporate assistance to be able to continue functioning. While corporate funds can help these parks to be able to maintain trail conditions and promote the park, the influence that comes … Continue reading

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Summaries – mossmacabre

1: It seems counterintuitive to make distinctions between animals that are essentially identical, aside from a few differences in DNA. Cryptic species is a newer specification of animal genealogy for creatures that appear identical but have genetic distinctions. While previously … Continue reading

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A Meditation on Elderly Animals It seems counterintuitive to think that photography of animals at the end of their life could actually be therapeutic or viewed as a form of mediation.  Isa Leshko took what started as a fascination for … Continue reading

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I choose three counter-intuitive topics from the long list of suggestions from this article. It seems counterintuitive that unhappiness comes from comparison. You’d assume that happiness would come from the pursuit to better yourself after the initial comparison, but that … Continue reading

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Summary #1 It seems counterintuitive that such common, everyday activities such as taking a shower are considered dangerous and have a high risk. Studies have shown that Americans tend to exaggerate the risks of events that are out of our … Continue reading

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Men Defining Rape: A History It seems counterintuitive that men have been the deciding party for the everchanging definition of rape over the last many centuries. A factor that definitely contributes to my counterintuitive point of view of this topic … Continue reading

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SpookyGhost – Purposeful summaries The Truth About 400/800 Training It seems counterintuitive that high speed athletes train at high mileage. However the middle-distance events (400 600 800) require high speed, and a strong aerobic system to maintain those high … Continue reading

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