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My Hypothesis-Sunshinegirl

Yoga Yoga’s effect on mood/daily life Yoga’s effect on a psychological level Yoga’s effect on people with mental illnesses/insane people The use of yoga in prisons and mental wards will help benefit the clinically insane patients and may lower the … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – mossmacabre

mental illness in media mental illness in movies mental illness in the horror genre the effect of poorly represented mentally ill characters in horror on real mentally ill people The “psycho-killer” issue in horror movies and how it affects the … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis—jonnyb25

Education in the US 2. Should students take a gap year between high school and college 3 Standardized testing pros and cons 4 Should education be cheaper in the US 5 Technology in the lessons/courses 6 How will modern technologies … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – nugget114

1. Rebelliousness in adolescents 2. Parental effect on rebelliousness in adolescents 3. The stricter the parent the more rebellious the child 4. Parental rule and lack of trust directly correlates to misbehaving children 5. If parental figures show their child … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- Disneylover2002

Autism Autism in children Catching autism in kids early on Catching autism in children at an early age will have good benefits  If doctors can detect autism in children while they are still very young, the child will not have … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-RowanAnnouncer

aliens. aliens in America. alien sightings in America. aliens and the United States Government.  Pentagon declassifying credible documents of all sightings, research, and contact with aliens. The mysterious declassification of the Pentagon’s alien documents has everyone wondering whats inside, and … Continue reading

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chickendinner hypotheses

mental health and social media continuous social media exposure and mental illness the causal relationship between continuous social media use and chance of mental illness Continued, long-term social media use is a direct causal factor for a higher chance of … Continue reading

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Hypothesis- calamariii

Farmland use Effective farmland use in the us Farmland, how its used and its impact on our development How we use the farmland in the us is important to our development and sustainability as a country With consideration of imports … Continue reading

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my hypothesis—chickennugget

Meditation  How meditation affects the brain  Scientific evidence of what happens in the brain during meditation How meditation affects mental health  Meditation being taught in schools  How meditation can help students with their mental health

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My Hypothesis-zzbrd2822

1) Happiness 2) The search for happiness in life 3) The effect of the search for happiness on the quality of human life 4) The search for happiness, seen as a life goal to many, negatively impacts the well-being of … Continue reading

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