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Causal Argument – comatosefox

Ideas: Men controlling women’s rights is what caused women to work harder to be able to play as equals, causing women’s lacrosse to be harder than men’s due to the standard that women are weaker than men. I.E they are … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – friendoftacos

How Unintended Pregnancy Happens Becoming pregnant and raising a child is a huge responsibility. When this responsibility is put onto someone it is called an unintended pregnancy. Unintended pregnancies are a result of many different factors. Lack of contraceptive use, … Continue reading

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Causal – Lily4Pres

Stress and anxiety are prevalent in every human beings daily life. Since terms like stress and anxiety can be used varied on the metrics they are given. The definition of stress we are going to use is noted by Miguel … Continue reading

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Prisoners are spiritual people. While they may not be peace-sign flashing, gong-ringing, John Lennon sunglass-wearing individuals, they do contain a spiritual side. Every human on this planet is spiritual, in a sense, because our energy is recycled (at least according … Continue reading

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Causal Essay-ILoveDunkinOverStarbucks

The Earth’s temperatures are rising slowly every year to where it affects our tundras, and continents like Antarctica where the ice is melting more rapidly than it should be. However if you ever travel to the midwest near the corn … Continue reading

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Puppets view the real world through a unique lens which allows them to communicate to real-world audiences about relatable topics. Puppets exist in an incredibly unique reality onstage, one more distinctive than any other actor, audience member, or subject engaged … Continue reading

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Can you see my definition argument as I need some guidance to create a causal argument Professor I wish for your feedback professor

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Causal- strawberryfields4

The Science Behind Teenage Stupidity Adolescents are notorious for their poor judgement and inability to make sound decisions. In other words, teenagers lack common sense. This often reckless and impulsive behavior cannot merely be attributed to angsty teenage rebellion, as … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – LunaDuna

Causal Argument (Title Needed) The case of animal experimentation begins with the benefits for humanity, but is it morally acceptable to harm animals? From the beginning of science, the method of animal testing has always been in medical studies. However, … Continue reading

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Causal – chickendinner

Social media has made interpersonal interaction nearly effortless, enabling a generation of people to engage with a greater number of people more frequently than was ever possible for those who came before. At the same time, it has made our … Continue reading

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