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Open Strong – SpookyGhost

Middle Distance coaches must determine the type of muscle fibers their athletes specialize in before they determine which specific training plan will work best for them. Incorrect training can and will lead to injury among athletes. It’s given that under … Continue reading

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Open Strong-Zipemup1

The American school system is killing students by excluding financial literacy from the regular curriculum. There is no doubt that money is the cornerstone of our society, yet many people still lack the basic understanding required to live a healthy … Continue reading

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Open strong- spaghettitacosforthesoul

Avocados are murders, and vegetarians are aiding their demise. With the rise of popularity to eat healthy, and maintain a balanced diet; being a vegetarian is in demand. Vegetarians see their gestures as having a positive impact on the meat … Continue reading

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Open Strong – chickendinner

Much like food, water, or shelter, social interaction is a vital aspect of healthy human development, one which can not be neglected without inviting severe harm to the individual. With technology enabling people to communicate almost instaneously with peers across … Continue reading

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Open Strong-zzbrd2822

As everyone is single-mindedly searching for happiness in their life, they are oblivious to the downsides of their actions. The value of happiness is deemed very high in today’s society, which is evident by the increasing search for guidance through … Continue reading

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Open Strong – Lunaduna

The case of animal experimentation begins with benefits for humanity, but is it morally acceptable to harm animals. From the beginning of science, the method of animal testing has always been in medical studies. However, today, people do not seem … Continue reading

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Open Strong – Kilotoon

The sport of powerlifting should be introduced and made available to children and adolescents in every school, as it would largely benefit the health and lifestyle of the students. Strength training, the primary focus in the sport of powerlifting, is … Continue reading

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Open Strong- friendoftacos

The unborn offspring of a women is called a fetus and many people have opinions on the life of fetus. A woman may be expected to carry the fetus to term and give birth to a child is one opinion … Continue reading

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Strong Open-Levixvice

Invasive species have been a problem since the introduction of trade and transportation, which had unanticipated consequences and long-term effects that have been ignored around the world. Such as the diseased-ridden rats traveling from the silk road that caused the … Continue reading

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open strong- chickennugget

In today’s world, it seems as if it is becoming more and more common for people to struggle with their mental health. According to Arlin Cuncic, an author for the website Very Well Mind, 6.9 Americans struggle with chronic daily … Continue reading

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