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White Paper—ziggy

The legal drinking age doesn’t keep kids from drinking because that is not what it is intended to do. The legal drinking age was put in place to decrease the amount of fatalities from motor vehicle accidents due to teens … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Ziggy026

Needs a Title What is money? Money can be described as anything we want it to be. If I went to the store today with only a piece of paper and a rubber band, picked out three different items, took … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis—ziggy

underage drinking Minimum drinking ages aren’t effective Minimum drinking ages don’t stop underage drinking Teens find ways to drink underage Teens still find ways to drink underage even with the minimum drinking age. All minimum drinking ages do is make … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—ziggy026

The unarguable reason that we will never eradicate the Polio virus is fear. Whether this fear is due to the CIA’s Pakistan-Afghanistan fake vaccination campaign, or the ever-present fear of vaccinations that plagues many American parents today (similar to the … Continue reading

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