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Manufacturers Steve Gass, creator and manufacturer of SawStop, demonstrated his confidence in his product by placing his own finger at risk of mutilation in the path of an active blade. After the blade successfully halted milliseconds before disaster would have … Continue reading

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Calories: Friend Not Foe Most simplistically, a calorie is a unit of energy. Without energy, our bodies would cease to function. This cessation could result in the inability to run or work out, but what we often neglect to realize … Continue reading

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Definition- strawberryfields4

Calories: Friend Not Foe Most simplistically defined, a calorie is a unit of energy. Without energy, our bodies would cease to function. Obviously, this could mean no running or working out, but what many individuals neglect to realize is that … Continue reading

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Working Hypothesis The misinformed and self righteous educators, who have no formal training in the field of nutrition, have indoctrinated a generation of youth with the idea that calories are evil, and it is healthy to adopt a restrictive diet—low … Continue reading

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Brannan and Katie’s teacher have conferenced about Katie’s behavior many times. Brannan’s not surprised she’s picked up overreacting and yelling—you don’t have to be at the Vines residence for too long to hear Caleb hollering from his room, where he … Continue reading

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The Religion of Money Money is a belief system, not unlike that of a religion, that is only able to maintain its unrelenting grip on society if the everlasting faith that people have in it persists. If the value of … Continue reading

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Teaching kids calories are bad Health class presenting a low calorie diet as healthy The effect on children of giving calories a negative connotation Teaching children about a balanced diet without negatively labeling certain foods as good or bad will … Continue reading

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