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My Hypothesis- Spaghettitacosforthesoul

Environment Negative impacts to the environment. Pollution is a leading cause to the negative impacts of the environment. A healthy vegetarian diet should reverse the effects the rising pollution in the environment. Pollution is the largest environmental threat and the … Continue reading

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Summaries – Spaghettitacosforthesoul

Pizza hunt and the pyramids It seems counterintuitive that one can experience chain food meals in the most sacred parts of the world. Pizza hut, a chain food restaurant that sells American-Italian food, is one of the US’s top fast-food … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—spaghettitacosforthesoul

Haruna Katata The extermination of polio is increasingly difficult because of the result of fear-mongering within Nigeria. Haruna Kaita, a professor of pharmacy at Ahmadu Bello University, is known for spreading false information against the polio vaccine. There have been … Continue reading

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