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The Coffee Industry is Iniquitous

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word iniquitous means grossly unjust or unrighteous; wicked. This term perfectly encapsulates the overall actions of the Coffee Industry, and it’s unfortunate consequences dispersed amongst our dwindling environment.  What is coffee to you? … Continue reading

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White Paper—RowanAnnouncer

Overpopulation. Global overpopulation. Positive and negative effects of overpopulation. Thriving nations and their overpopulation positives and negatives. Thriving vs least developed nations positives and negatives of overpopulation. The current overpopulation rates of thriving vs least developed nations poses many positives … Continue reading

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Section 12 “By this point, you might be wondering, and possibly feeling guilty about wondering, why Brannan doesn’t just get divorced.“ —This quote could either be categorized as an Ethical or Moral claim or a Recommendation or Proposal Claim. It … Continue reading

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Stone Money-RowanAnnouncer

Money: The Most Enduring Lie What if I told you there was a lie that every person endorses. A lie so deeply embedded into our society that it is no longer registered as a lie. A lie that consumes and … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-RowanAnnouncer

aliens. aliens in America. alien sightings in America. aliens and the United States Government.  Pentagon declassifying credible documents of all sightings, research, and contact with aliens. The mysterious declassification of the Pentagon’s alien documents has everyone wondering whats inside, and … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-RowanAnnouncer

Are aliens real? Alien sightings in america. Could Alien sightings in America be hoaxes?  If Aliens aren’t real, what could people possibly be seeing? The government is releasing “credible” alien documents to keep the masses occupied. The intense fascination people … Continue reading

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I choose three counter-intuitive topics from the long list of suggestions from this article. It seems counterintuitive that unhappiness comes from comparison. You’d assume that happiness would come from the pursuit to better yourself after the initial comparison, but that … Continue reading

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