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Section 14 Chemical exposure, stress reaction, no one knows, but the skin cracks and opens up raw with lesions sometimes.  The author expresses an Evaluative Claim by using her judgement. It is explained that certain factors may cause a type … Continue reading

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Trust Money It seems absurd that we can trade thin green paper or a number on a screen for goods or services. However, as long as people continue to believe in the value of money, it will continue to represent … Continue reading

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Capitalism Capitalism in America Freedom is a protected right in Capitalism Capitalism along with small government influence is the best way to run a society Capitalism creates opportunity and freedom in the economic world. Capitalism allows for the people of … Continue reading

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Do Toms Shoes Really help People? It seams counterintuitive that the premise of “buy one, give one” companies fail to address the real problems that developing worlds face. For Toms to go into a community and give out shoes, the … Continue reading

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Building immunized communities in 3rd world countries has proven difficult, making the path to worldwide polio eradication improbable. The efforts by the United Nations along with the WHO to fund and vaccinate these communities, have shown unsuccessful due to the … Continue reading

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