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My Hypothesis – Lily4Pres

Marijuana. Marijuana in sports. How marijuana can assist athletes. Marijuana’s capabilities will assist athletes – if they choose to use it – in their recuperating processes. With weed being one of the major, commonly used banned substances, allowing athletes to … Continue reading

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Summaries – Lily4Pres

Free Heroin to Battle Addiction It seems counterintuitive that drug addicts would receive their drugs to assist them in ‘rehabilitation’. However, that is exactly what the city of Vancouver has decided to do. Addiction is a vicious battle that those … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – Lily4Pres

Much like in modern day virus eradication hunts, polio in Nigeria has linked with another issue that facilitates the spread of Polio, false pretenses. Similar to COVID today, polio is surrounded by false rumors that concentrate around birth defects, HIV … Continue reading

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