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Title depending During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019-present, spotted lanternflies (Lycorma delicatula) have invaded several areas in the northeast region of the U.S. These invasive insects are discovered to have successfully transported larvae and nymphs on firewood trading shipments from … Continue reading

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White Paper- Levixvice

Working Hypothesis: Spotted lanternflies must be captured away from any orchard and returned to their source, as well as monitoring any lanternflies in the vicinity of the orchard and ship trades.  Sources   Analysis of Anemotactic Flight Tendencies of the Spotted … Continue reading

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1.“We have reason to be reasonably optimistic. Psychotherapy does work for typical PTSD.” The VA tends to favor cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure therapy—whereby traumatic events are hashed out and rehashed until they become, theoretically, less consuming.  This is a factual … Continue reading

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Money Oddities Currency hasn’t changed much in its purpose for people to buy services and goods or sell their own goods for exchange in cash by hand or credit/debit card only. Appearances of currency have changed throughout the years from … Continue reading

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Spotted lanternfly eggs should return to China permanently before future generations are born.  Spotted Lanternflies must be prevented from coming into contact with firewood, hardwood, or grapes by restricting the shipping trade in China and letting their traders check out … Continue reading

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1) Hypocrite Romney It seems counterintuitive that the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney from 2012 was gaining wealth from corporate businesses attacking Bain Capital with a tax loophole. Created a domino effect of businesses losing their investment and employees through … Continue reading

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Practice Opening-Levixvice

Polio disease has effected the human population before twentieth century began. This disease causes permanent paralysis which hinders the nervous system inactive and has a slight chance of one’s death to occur. Its influence has spread from poor neighborhoods in … Continue reading

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