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White Paper – chickendinner

Working Hypothesis 1 Social media use cripples the ability of users to hold conversations and have meaningful personal interaction. Working Hypothesis 2 Social media enables people to build more interpersonal reltaions has a positive net effect on social engagement. Bibliography … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims – chickendinner

Section 14 “Meanwhile people like James Peterson, husband of Kateri of the Olive Garden breakdown,” This is a categorical claim, putting James in a category with other veterans whose PTSD has not only damaged their own mental health, but also … Continue reading

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Stone Money – ChickenDinner

Under or Across the Ocean – Property Ownership and Physical Access When you think about buying something, there is probably a certain sort of image in your mind. For example, if you imagine buying an ice cream cone, you might … Continue reading

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chickendinner hypotheses

mental health and social media continuous social media exposure and mental illness the causal relationship between continuous social media use and chance of mental illness Continued, long-term social media use is a direct causal factor for a higher chance of … Continue reading

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It seems counterintuitive that discovering an extremely valuable resource, especially one which is vital to modern industry, would be detrimental to a country, but that is all too often the case. Citizens of governments who gain revenue through this trade … Continue reading

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