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Causal Argument Advice FA15

McDonald’s is Exporting Diabetes bigfoot9 Bigfoot9’s claim is that, by opening restaurants around the world, McDonald’s is ruining local culture and creating obesity and diabetes in countries where both were rare before the restaurants arrived. It’s an intriguing claim but … Continue reading

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Agenda WED NOV 04

Scale of the Universe Causal Argument Advice Refutation Exercise: Nuclear Power Refutation Exercise: Ag-Gag Laws Rebuttal Reading: “A Price Too High?“ A09: Rebuttal Argument

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Visual Rewrite

Rewrite Assignment Rewrites are always encouraged and necessary, but sometimes they’re also actually assigned and required. The Visual Rewrite is an assigned rewrite, with its own category, cleverly named: Visual Rewrite. Part of your Portfolio 7 of the 8 components of your Portfolio are … Continue reading

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26 Class

26 Class WED APR 21 A Riddle about Riddles 1. Last Call for Course Evaluations of Instructor Effectiveness. 2. Invitation to post at Rate My Professor 3. Your Professor-for-Life 4. Class Discussion The CDC will meet today to decide how to distribute COVID-19 vaccines as … Continue reading

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21 Class

Riddle: Decide for Yourself Where I first saw this image: Is the BBC website a credible source of news? Is it credible enough that you will accept this photograph has not been altered after it was taken? The optical phenomenon … Continue reading

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15 Class

15 Class MON MAR 15 Wake up Why the Challenger Exploded Housekeeping Deadline Reminder The middle of the semester comes knocking. And the consequences seem real and immediate. The White Paper that a few weeks ago was a vague pledge to … Continue reading

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10 Class TUE OCT 05

10 Class TUE OCT 05 Wake Up What does music look like? Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, Part 1. Beethoven String Quartet 16, in F major, opus 135, 4th movement. Grave. Allegro. Research Tip THE RABBIT HOLE IS GOOD. FOLLOW … Continue reading