26 Class

26 Class WED APR 21

A Riddle about Riddles


1. Last Call for Course Evaluations of Instructor Effectiveness.

2. Invitation to post at Rate My Professor

3. Your Professor-for-Life

4. Class Discussion


The CDC will meet today to decide how to distribute COVID-19 vaccines as they become available. Among the factors that will influence their decisions are the types of vaccine available, the effectiveness and dangers of different types, and the types of people who will get the vaccine in what order.

Many decisions will depend on good Definition and Causal Arguments. Name some that must be addressed before sound decisions can be made.

Where would you start? Who would get the vaccine first, second, third? Who would pay for the vaccines? Who should be allowed to demand early treatment? Who should be allowed to refuse? 

3. A Final appeal for Brevity, Richness, and Clarity.

Many of my beloved students are putting arguments into the Feedback Please category asking for advice on sources and assessments of the quality of their arguments. I’m happy to help with both of those requests, and my Feedback queue is currently empty, so I should be able to respond promptly.

Three questions I’m never asked, but which every student could benefit from asking, are,

  1. Are my claims as clear and brief as they could be?
  2. Do I make as many content-rich statements as I could in every sentence?
  3. Are my claims burdened by jargon and “academic” language? 

Follow the link to examples of Feedback regarding clear claims.