25 Class

25 Class MON APR 19

Portfolio Category

Class Activities

  • 1. Let’s try again for Course Evaluations of Instructor Effectiveness.
    • Find an email invitation or follow the link to Banner from the instructions below.
  • 2. Invitation to post at Rate My Professor 
    • Follow this link directly to David Hodges.
    • If asked for a Course Code, use COMP 01112
  • 3. Preview of Portfolio Readiness
    • We’ll spend time together on this
    • You’ll start to build your Portfolio in class today.
  • 4. Don’t worry. You can still revise everything..
    Give Every Portfolio item a TitleArgument TitleReview your In-text citations for compliance.They need Author or Title or Publication (or any combination), Said language, and a QuotationParaphrase, or Summary.NO PARENTHETICAL AUTHOR NOTATIONS.
    This is INCORRECT:
    This is CORRECT:Compliant APAMake Separate posts for Short ArgumentsFirst the Initial PostCausal ArgumentThen a New Post for the Revised Argument
    (Shows Responsiveness to Feedback)Causal RewriteCheck Bibliography for ComplianceEntries need APA Bibliographic notations, Links to the Sources, and thorough descriptions of Background Material and How I Used it.BibCheck Reflective Statement for ComplianceEntries must specific descriptions of changes you made to your work in response to feedback or detailed descriptions of how you met course objectives. Make references and links to the posts that best demonstrate your accomplishment of the Core Values.Reflective
  • Start to Build Your Portfolio Now
  • 1. Open every Portfolio item in Edit. Add each item to the category
    Portfolios FA20 (Username), where Username is YOUR username, of course.
  • 2. Remember to Update the item.
  • 3. Look for your Portfolios FA20 Username link in the blog sidebar with a number in parentheses indicating how many items it contains. Below, Davidbdale has added one item to his Portfolio.
  • 4. For the Fall 2020 semester, the Category is Portfolios FA205. Your target number is 8 items.
    • (1) Self-Reflective Statement
    • (1) Research Position Paper
    • (2) Two of Three Short Arguments (Definition, Causal, Rebuttal)
    • (2) The Rewrites for those Arguments (Definition Rewrite, Causal Rewrite, Rebuttal Rewrite)
    • (1) Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
    • (1) Annotated Bibliography
    6. Prof will Certify your Portfolio on MON APR 26 (Mandatory Class Attendance) during the Portfolio Doublecheck.7. Your Grade Conference appointment can be Confirmed on MON APR 26 when your Portfolio is certified complete.9. Attend class on WED APR 28 if you need or desire a Revision Workshop for any and all assignments.

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