24 Class

24 Class WED APR 14

End-of-Semester Schedule

  • WED APR 21
    • Self-Reflective Statement Deadline
  • MON APR 26
    • Portfolio Deadline.
    • Class Activity: Portfolio Double-check
  • WED APR 28
    • Final class meeting
    • Opportunity for students still revising their portfolio materials to interact with their professor in a live workshop setting.
    • Students will meet individually by appointment in Zoom calls with their beloved professor for brief Grade Conferences.
      • MON MAY 03
      • TUE MAY 04
      • WED MAY 05
      • THU MAY 06
  • FRI MAY 07
    • Final Grades will be posted

The Last Portfolio Task

Guide to the Portfolio

Class Activities

  • Whole buncha trouble with the APA Citation exercise.
  • Grade Levels 1
    • The same paragraph written 4 times, increasingly well, to demonstrate the differences between D-level work, A-level work, and the levels between.
  • Grade Levels 2
    • An “in reverse” unpacking of dense, content-rich statements into their component parts: backwards advice.
  • Stephen Hawking Was Wrong
    • Revision advice on how to grab reader attention with bold claims you can actually support.