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  • Rhetoric Workshop
    • Need help understanding Rhetoric? Here’s a step-by-step examination and revision of a paragraph in need of rhetorical improvements.


  • Sample advice for Visual Rewrite
    • Your Visual Rewrite is an ongoing opportunity to improve on your first draft.
    • MANY of you have posted, and the posts are  brilliantly detailed, much more so than similar assignments from earlier semesters. Congratulations.
    • If you haven’t yet revised your Visual Rhetoric argument, consider reading some of your classmates’ recent Visual Rewrite posts to see just how detailed they can be.
    • Even if you HAVE posted your Rewrite, doublecheck it against the list of 14 Fails For Grammar Rules.
    • ALSO, in case you haven’t already, analyze the EFFECTIVENESS of the video. Any thorough Rhetorical Analysis will include an assessment of how well (or poorly) the creators accomplished their goals.
  • Reminder: Grammar Basics Exercise
    • We did this exercise in class last week.
    • If you missed class, or haven’t yet completed the exercise, do so now.
    • HINT: most of your classmates have missed 5 or more grammar problems.
    • To do the job right, review the 14 Basic Grammar Rules from last week’s Agenda.

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