9/21 Notes

In class today, we talked about citations. We will no longer be using “(Author, 2020)”, instead we will just incorporate the author into the writing. Citations are all about being transparent and credible, and being proud to have found your sources because it means you did research. You can cite a publisher instead of an author because it provides you with enough information to find the source in the references list. Avoid citing multiple authors or using really long titles in your writing because it makes it hard to read. Use words like “he/she continued” or “last name continued” to alert the reader that the information is still being used from the source. You don’t have to quote to use a citation. Period goes on the inside of the quotation and titles should be italicized.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    ChickenNuggets, please put your Class Notes in a Reply to the daily Agenda. DO NOT create a new post for them.

    Of course, if this is a one-time decision you made to overcome a problem with Replying to the Agenda, I withdraw my complaint.

    Either way, please copy and paste these notes into a Reply to the Agenda for TUE SEP 21 when you can. I will grade them there.

    06 Class TUE SEP 21

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