9/16 Notes

Today in class, we reviewed what counterintuitive thinking is. We discussed which examples clarified our understanding about this topic. For me, it was the example about euthanasia. Then, we talked about what a purposeful summary is. A purposeful summary is a targeted summary. It is not our job to communicate the entire content of the original author. Only talk about information that is important to you by shaping the material into important material. A purposeful summary tells the truth, however it has its own point of view. In fact, it can dispute the original material. For our purposeful summaries, it must start with “it seems counterintuitive that..” We then watched a video about the ethics of a three parent baby and discussed how some information was unimportant to the summary and was left out. It is important to not be so dependent on the source. Take only the information that matters to you. What you remember is important to you, the things you forget are irrelevant.

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