14 Class

14 Class WED MAR 10

Wake Up 1

  • Gerrymander


  • Definition Categorical Argument
    • Title
    • Informal In-Text Citations
    • References
  • Definition Rewrite

Writing Tip

How to Write a Good Ransom Note

Ransom Snippet

Visual Analysis of One Second of Video

Visual Analysis of a Complete Argument

  • A Sample Analysis: Thai Life Insurance
    • Here we examine just 10 seconds of a 2-minute long-form commercial produced by the Thai Life Insurance company to promote the universal human good of doing small selfless gestures for others. How in the world is that supposed to sell life insurance?

Advanced Advice for your Visual Rhetoric Rewrite

  • You won’t need this yet, but when you’re ready to revise your Visual Rhetoric argument, you may benefit from reviewing feedback I have offered to students in earlier semesters.
  • Link to Revision Advice for Visual Rhetoric