04 Class TUE SEP 14

04 Class TUE SEP 14

Writing Quote Hunter S Thompson


  • Card Hypothesis Riddle
    • Leave your Answer below the Riddle post.


  1. Upload an image from your device to use as your WordPress avatar for the blog.
  2. Feedback Please
    • What it’s for. How to use it.
    • If you think I should create a 2-minute “How To” video for Feedback Please, leave me a reminder in your Notes below this page.
  3. The new Deadlines Menu
Deadlines Menu

More Housekeeping

  1. Create a post Category for Your Username.


  • Lecture: Counterintuitivity
    • Respond to today’s Lecture/Discussion in the usual place, below this page.

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36 Responses to 04 Class TUE SEP 14

  1. anonymousgirl116 says:

    For the riddle, I chose 2 and E because e is a vowel and 2 is an even number so it fits the hypothesis.
    When posting on WordPress check off categories. Check off “feedback please” if looking for feedback.
    Deadlines, go to agenda where tasks are always posted. There is a deadline menu on the website, any tasks will be posted there.

    Counterintuitive thinking-
    As academic writers, we keep trying to find answers and question ourselves again. Nobody knows why we call gravity, gravity. Science makes us feel better about knowing what happens.

    We will continue to try to find resolutions. Every written document is an argument.


  2. cfalover says:

    First, we went over the quote for today and learned that if we type a simple sentence like “not a wasted word”, and put a bunch of random words after that, that you are going against your thoughts and actually wasting words.
    For the riddle, our brain wants us to think that since every even number card has a vowel, that every odd number card has a consonant on the other side. We don’t even need to care if the even numbers have a consonant on the other side; this won’t disprove the hypothesis. We need to check 3 though, because if we turn it over and it has a vowel on it, then the hypothesis is disproven. We only care about 3 and E.
    To find due dates and assignments, we can go to the new “deadlines” menu at the top of the blog to see each assignment and when it is due. It will bring you to the original location of the assignment.
    White paper review: It is graded over time because you can continuously update it and improve you work. This is how you show your progress in writing to the professor. He will grade it once or maybe twice in the semester; it varies. You can definitely improve your grade on it or even hurt your grade if you don’t continuously update it.
    Every conclusion can be disproven right after it is proven and this can actually be seen as progress or it can be seen as despair. We use language and science o describe what certain things are and why some things happen, but we don’t know why these things actually happen.
    Any written document is an argument. Why? You are arguing even against yourself. For example, you can put Breyer’s ice cream on your grocery list, but see another brand for cheaper. You are going against your original thoughts.
    Anne Franke’s diary is actually a lie… she revised it multiple times. Every time you revise your work you are taking out old lies and putting in new ones.
    We can perceive objects, if they didn’t have a use, as art. Anything could be art depending on how you view it.


  3. spaghettitacosforthesoul says:

    Hunter S. Thompson has a quote “not a wasted word… Ever”. He prolonged his original quote and could’ve been a lot shorter than what it actually was.
    When looking at seasonal data in August we don’t have to look at data in July or September because we’re specifically looking for august. Unless we’re looking for data in the summer. The two other months arent relevant.
    MY RIDDLE ANSWER- Cards 2, 3, & E
    We don’t care what’s on the other side of the content card so it’s irrelevant to turn over the (G) card because it doesn’t reflect the hypothesis.
    We don’t really care whats on the side of the 2 Card
    If we turn over the 3 cards and there’s an even number then it disproves our hypothesis so it’s important to turn it over because we care what’s on the other side of a vowel and what’s on the other side an odd number.
    Don’t forget to categorize your work with your Author name, the assignment, and feedback please if you want feedback
    There’s now a deadline section to check where all your assignments are, It’s a direct link. One with asterisks is active assignments.
    We name god in order to wrap our heads around the mystery of the universe because it’s so vast and infinite. This way of thinking is academic thinking.
    Every written document is an argument
    Anna Frank is a lie because she revised it.
    If something has a function it keeps it being art


  4. cocochanel715 says:

    When to discover a hypothesis is true or not, need a lot of data for that specific question being asked
    There are a lot of things in this world that we don’t know a lot of things about
    All you can say is ‘because they do’
    Science is ‘the modern religion’
    Keep working toward a resolution that will never come
    every written document is an argument
    Anne Franks diary is ‘full of lies’ because it went through edits
    if it has a function then it can not be art


  5. mossmacabre says:

    When looking to prove a thesis, you must collect a lot of information specific to your hypothesis. Research may include other data, but that is not relevant to proving our hypothesis. Thinking/doing otherwise is a waste of time.

    You start with a fact, you form a hypothesis, and then you must test your hypothesis to find if you’re right or not. Adjust your hypothesis accordingly.

    We discussed the format and value of our White Paper. It is where we will form our smaller arguments to work towards our eventual 3,000-word paper.


  6. gingerbreadman27 says:

    We looked at a quote by Hunter S. Thompson that stated you shouldn’t waste words. Next during the warm up we discussed that you should only look at data relevant to your hypothesis, and to be careful at what you really need to examine. Then after some housekeeping we reviewed the white paper and how useful it is when developing a large paper, while taking the quiz on it. We discussed that any written work is an argument.


  7. ilovedunkinoverstarbucks says:

    Card Hypothesis:
    -A riddle was shown to use on testing a hypothesis about 4 cards shown G, 2, 3, E and on the other side of the even numbers is a vowel and on the other side of a vowel is an even number
    -To test the hypothesis I claimed that you should flip over 2, and E because they are both either an even number or a vowel so they fit in with the hypothesis.
    -Although these are the numbers and letters that we think we need to turn over we should also turn over 3 because if there is a vowel on the other side of 3 then that helps to disprove the hypothesis

    Deadline Menu:
    -New tab was made to show the current assignments and upcoming assignments
    -Link will take you to the general area of the assignment

    Counterintuitive thinking:
    -Contemplating an infinite universe can be hard for just the human brain so there is a possibility that we call the eternity of the universe God
    -God can be used as an answer when we can not understand something about the world or universe
    -Any written document can be an argument
    -A grocery list while a small list can be argued against yourself and you may decide against things when you go into the store
    -While something may look like art if it has a function to it then it can not be art
    -Is euthanasia ok?
    -For myself I am in the middle should a 12 year old with a healthy life decide that he wants to be euthanized I would say no but if there is a hospice patient who is in pain with no quality of life then I would say yes they get the choice to choose if they want to be euthanized


  8. zipemup1 says:

    I would love a “Feedback Video”. Today we learned about the importance of gathering useful information for your hypothesis. The information you gather would be more helpful if it both confirms and disapproves your hypothesis. We learned this from the Card hypothesis warm up. Every written document is an argument.


  9. zzbrd2822 says:

    In class today, we discussed a quote by Hunter S. Thompson and tied in the concept of conciseness and unnecessary wording. We then examined a riddle that allowed us to consider which evidence is relevant to our hypothesis and knowing how much evidence is enough. The only cards that mattered to our hypothesis were Cards 3 and E. We also did some housekeeping work regarding the blog and explained the deadline menu. We then went through the questions of the White paper quiz and discussed the grading process of the White Paper, ways to build a list of sources from one search, the purpose of more than one hypothesis, the difference between a purposeful summary and other summaries, the reason for sections in a white paper, and if you made steady progress the only thing left should be cutting in your paper. We also discussed counterintuitive thinking and one example was pen and gravity. We use science to describe what happens and it makes us feel better. We don’t ever actually know what happens. Similar to religion being something used to help us understand our world, while not actually knowing what really happens. We discussed how Facebook added more gender categories and how shopping lists are arguments because you are arguing with yourself. If you buy other items or exchange some brands for others, you lose the argument. We discussed tools that are beautifully designed and crafted, but my instinct tells me its functionality prevents it from being art.


  10. levixvice says:

    do not waste time on any day
    to broaden your hypothesis and have to gather evidence
    deadlines to know any assignment and polfolio and non -polfolio tasks
    counterintuitive has change the ideas of religion and ideals of society and the argument on any document with your own self including a proposal
    counterintuitive has artists create illusions of real-life objects painted over and objects can be seen for different uses


  11. friendoftacos says:

    In class today, we discussed a riddle about cards that had letters and numbers on them. We used a hypothesis and made a guess about which card to turn over to figure out the riddle. To figure out if the hypothesis is true, we had to see if the vowels are on the same cards as the even numbers.
    Next, we discussed some things that are counterintuitive, including the many impossible things in the universe such as time. Human being use religion to comfort. God is just a collection of unanswered question. That way of thinking is an academic thinking. Scientific thinkers try to keep the conversation going and constantly reinvent their thoughts and hypothesis. Why is a shopping list an argument? Every article of writing is an argument, including a shopping list in the store. Some things can be art when they do not have a function and items with a function are not art. Another idea of counterintuitive, is euthanasia for children.


  12. Lunaduna says:

    “Not a wasted word ever.” – Hunter S. Thompson
    Do not tip-toe around your thoughts, just get to the main point.

    How much evidence is enough evidence?
    – Do not waste time gathering evidence that is not necessary for your writing.
    – You will save energy and time from gathering evidence.

    For the card hypothesis
    – There is no need to turn over G or 2 because no matter what is on the other side, it does not affect the hypothesis.
    – We only care about cards 3 and E. We do not care what is on the other side of an even number.

    Going forward, writing that needs re-writing will only be sufficient if I ask for feedback.
    -I am always looking forward to the “How-to videos.”

    (Also adding our usernames as a category)

    Viewing the deadline tab.

    Science is the “modern religion;” it makes us feel better like we have a handle on them.
    (Faith in unanswerable question)

    Every written document is an argument, such as a shopping list or Anne Frank’s diary.

    Every time you revise your work, you take the lies and add new ones.


  13. kingofcamp says:

    English Comp II Lecture Notes (9.14.21)
    • warmup- riddle
    o A: flip over cards 3 and E
    • Q: How much evidence is enough evidence?
    • define goal: something you want to achieve
    • make sure to read & reply to feedback
    • mechanism for asking for feedback
    • went over mechanics for writing/publishing a post
    Making a Post
    • make sure to add categories to your draft
    o such as feedback please, name of the assignment, and name of author posting
    • how to edit a post
    • make sure to publish
    • how to view post feed- click on the title “Counteractive”
    • come to class and follow the agenda
    • click on “deadlines” dropdown
    • “*” means it hasn’t been assigned or doesn’t need to be posted
    White Paper Quiz Review
    • take quiz- went over in class
    Mini Lecture- Counterintuitive
    • every written document is an argument
    o diarists lie
    • word choice in academic papers
    • counterintuitive pictures
    • euthanasia for kids- counterintuitive debate


  14. thatwonguyy says:

    We started off with the riddle. We had to choose what card to pick to match with the hypothesis. We talked about not wasting your time on worthless evidence. We should also make more than one hypothesis. We discussed counterintuitive thinking and we came to the conclusion that anything we don’t understand, we say that it is god. We also then did the white paper quiz together. We shouldn’t have to do much for the final essay if we do our white paper correctly.


  15. venom2929 says:

    Today we warmed up with a riddle
    -Flip cards 3 and e
    Feedback: make sure to read and respond to feedback. It will be hard to get good feedback if you do not interact.
    different mechanisms for feedback
    White paper quiz review:
    Counterintuitive lecture:
    every written document can be an argument
    how close to death is your real age doesn’t matter if one person is 6 and one is 96 you are same age if you are close to death.


  16. frogs02 says:

    Notes 9/14
    We first discussed Hunter Thompson’s “Not a wasted word quote.” He drug the quote along and had unnecessary words that meant absolutely nothing and it was a waste of words. You want to include all evidence available. Not enough evidence for the writing to drag along or give unnecessary evidence. During the hypothesis riddle question, we realized that we need to flip over the three because we need to see if there is a vowel on the other side to see if the hypothesis is disproven. We also need to turn over the E because if there is an odd number would also disprove the hypothesis. We learned that feedback is extremely important for making our writing better. The deadlines are underneath deadlines. This is where we can see the tasks and when the tasks are due. Counterintuitive is contrary to what one would intuitively expect. We believe that everything we learn from our culture is true and others always believe that they are correct. It is when we think that only our way of living is the correct way of living. The white paper can be updated whenever and you can ask for it to be checked and your grade can increase if you keep updating with important information. It also can be decreased if you don’t update it. He will grade it once or twice throughout the semester. This is the professor’s way of tracking your progress.


  17. comatosefox says:

    Even though you have a lot of evidence that would help support your paper, it may not need everyone to make it a good

    Riddle: The odd would help figure out whether the hypothesis is true, unless it had a vowel, only E and 3 are needed

    To get feedback put “feedback please” in to the category, in order for David to know you would like it.

    We learned about how virus’ mutate, while we talked about the white paper quiz.
    God is a way for us to have a reason for something unexplainable but true.


  18. calamariii says:

    Hunter Thompson’s quote about wasted words originally has many wasted words. We should strive to not say nothing with more words and strive to use words when they will have meaning. The riddle with the cards showed how it’s important to use the right amount of evidence to support a claim, as it’s unnecessary to include information that doesn’t help to confirm what you are trying to say. It’s important to use feedback and respond to feedback given on papers especially as our papers get more complicated. Learned about counterintuitivity and got examples of it


  19. sunshinegirl457 says:

    The riddle showed me to look for the arguments that disprove the hypothesis instead of support it. Always consider counterintuition because your initial ideas might be wrong. I also learned a lot about the blog and how to navigate the page. I can now input a profile pic to personalize it. add color and style to my posts via edit, request feedback, etc. Then we went over the white paper and took the white paper quiz together. Answering those questions made more more comfortable with and more understanding of the assignment. The counterintuitive lecture was very interesting and covered a lot of heavy topics. “Your real age is how close you are to death, not how far you are from birth” this line stuck with me because I had never thought of death in this sense before. The idea that art cannot be art if it has a function didn’t sit right with me, I think anything can be considered art to the right person. My final thought from the lecture is that it’s true that counterituivity cannot be unseen.


  20. tyblicky2001 says:

    * “Feedback Please”
    * Review agenda for Thursday
    * Learned how to edit a post.
    * White Paper Quiz
    * Understanding infinity and gravity
    * “Written documents are arguments, even a shopping list”
    * Diarists lie
    * Looked at pictures that were considered “art”


  21. Lily4Pres says:

    Warm-Up Riddle: How much evidence is enough evidence?
    We started with a 4 card set problem. The problem gave us a hypothesis and a proposition on what we must do to possibly prove the hypothesis. The diction in the question is where the riddle lies. Do not waste time gathering evidence that is not necessary.
    We then took a turn to go over housekeeping with our accounts.
    Took the White Paper quiz.
    Touched the counterintuitive lecture.


  22. zeek says:

    Today in class we talked about white papers again such as how they were graded, brainstorming, source explorations and others. We also talked about hunter s Thomson and his quote on necessary and Unnecessary words.


  23. strawberryfields4 says:

    “Not a wasted word. Ever” -Hunter S. Thompson
    -Watch for excess words that will make your point less clear
    -Getting to the point without all the “fluff” crafts the most effective language!

    White Paper Quiz
    -Discussed the importance of the White Paper and how to craft an effective one
    -White Paper must be a constant work in progress, always improving
    -The stronger the White Paper, the easier your research paper will be to write

    -Contradiction to the common or popular belief
    -“Euthanasia for Kids”


  24. nugget114 says:

    Beginning Quote
    Today in class we started off by talking about Hunter S Thompson. He was a middle aged man who always had a cigarette in his mouth, yellow aviators, and was always shooting guns in his backyard. Professor crossed out the middle of his quote and condensed and revised the quote into “Not a wasted word ever”.

    Even though you might want to include all the evidence available to you, you might not need it. You shouldn’t tire everyone out with irrelevant points. While most of my peers and I answered that we only need cards 2 and E, this was wrong. Card 2 is irreverent because if there is a consonant on the other side then that does nothing for the hypothesis. However if E has an even number, and if the 3 card had a vowel on the other side, the hypothesis could be proven true.

    Practice Opening
    Professor Dave showed us how eventually there will be a tab under each of our usernames showing all of our work and when going to submit an assignment, we will have to click the assignment name and our username file.

    White Paper Quiz
    We then did the review quiz on the White Paper with Professor Dave and I was able to get more of an understanding on how the White Paper really works. The grading, the organization, and the overall use of the paper.

    Deadlines tab
    We discussed the new deadlines tab and how we should be keeping up with the assignments that are due by next class. We are going to get into purposeful summaries next class.

    – If you and your friend both fully believe in a religion, and you each fully believe yours is correct even though they’re on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, then inevitably, one and/or both of you can’t be right
    – Anne Frank revised her diary but we think of it as innocent scribblings as a 14 year old but she was actually a novelist in which helped many people.


  25. tarheel1999 says:

    In today’s class, we began, as always, with discussion of a quote by noted journalist Hunter S. Thompson which demonstrated how pointless wordiness can detract from the power of a rhetorical phrase. We then followed with today’s class riddle, which was used to help demonstrate how concisely truly effective research can be done by focusing on testing the hypothesis at hand. A quick run-through of housekeeping topics ranging from setting a profile picture on the WordPress blog to how to properly ask for feedback then followed. Next was a detailed discussion of expectations and processes surrounding the White Paper conducted through the lens of a quiz, showing how to properly utilize the White Paper as the main thorofare upon which the semester-long research project should be conducted. The class finished with a lecture on counterintuitive thinking during which many examples were used to demonstrate the kind of thinking that should be used to properly conduct research and interact with the information therein.


  26. imaspookyghost says:

    today we did a card hypothesis puzzle, then we reviewed and took a quiz on the white paper. After that we looked over counterintuitive ideas and picked which one made the most sense as an example to us.


  27. lokiofasgard24 says:

    Instructional period:
    -Use deadline menu to stay on top of assignments
    -Never use “in order (to)”
    -Your brain is wired for symmetry and will, like in the riddle, trick you into oblivion

    -Update white paper quiz often
    -White paper will be the heart of the final project
    -Often the scientific process stops at a conclusion without moving forward
    -We use religion to comfort us on the unknown
    -Any written document will be an argument
    -Anne Frank argued with herself through the editions of her writings.
    -Art is without function


  28. littlecow24 says:

    -Words that we use as superlatives usually pertain to a lie. Such as “terrific”, which is derived from terrified or “stupendous” which means to quite literally be knocked out.
    -“Not a wasted word. Ever” : a goal to try to achieve, don’t use wasted words and get to the point.
    -Stopping with enough evidence will stop you from wasting your own time and the readers time “How much evidence is enough evidence?”
    -Make sure you thoroughly read and analyze the hypothesis so you really know what is needed
    -We were taught how to make sure our posts are in categories/have slugs and how to do
    “Feedback please” so our experience with the blog is much easier for us, and so we can receive feedback if we would like some.
    -We went over “The White Paper”, which helped us to understand more of the greater purposes of keeping up with the paper throughout the semester.
    -Our brains short circuit when trying to think about going on for eternity
    -“God is a collection of unanswerable questions” we push what we cant comprehend to God
    -Does anybody really know why we call a pen falling to the floor “gravity? Or why do the planets rotate; because of gravity? But what actually is gravity?
    -Why is a shopping list an argument? You’re arguing with yourself; will you follow the shopping list and “win” the argument, or veer onto a different path and “lose” the argument by choosing a different brand or not buying something at all when you eventually go to the store.
    -When you revise your work, technically you are starting to lie, but that’s part of the process


  29. toastedflatbread22 says:

    Warm Up
    When looking to prove a hypothesis, it is only necessary to gather the data that pertains to that specific question-don’t gather extra information. In the warmup only 3 and E was necessary which was surprising because it didn’t seem like it was needed to see what was on the other side of 3. It may be difficult to figure out what data is important when testing a hypothesis.
    Counterintuitive Thinking
    Mr. Hodges grew up very catholic and at one point, he started to ponder why other religions were also so devout-we cannot all be correct. The universe and infinity is so heavy for our brains and scary to us, that we name “god” to take the place of the mysteries of the universe. Coming to that conclusion makes humans feel like they found an answer to their questions. We use language-even scientific language-to make us feel like we understand things that are too intense for our brains. Every written document is an argument, even a shopping list-if the store is out of something, the list is disproven. Even Ann Frank’s diary is an argument-it went through a lot of edits which planted several lies in the writing.


  30. ziggy026 says:

    White paper review

    Wikipedia should not be used as a source, but the reference sources that are found listed in the primary source are acceptable to use in white paper.
    All reputable sources will list these reference sources which can be expanded upon
    Wikipedia pages verifiability are irrelevant, since pages are only being used for their references


    Counterintuitive thinking

    When you have total faith in your religion, and you meet someone who has total faith in a different religion makes you less sure that what you believe is right is correct
    You can’t both be devoted completely to two different beliefs

    Age is measured by how close you are to death rather than how far from birth

    diarists lie
    If you are keeping a diary, you are in some way lying


  31. kilotoon says:

    The first thing we did in class today was go over the quote. We learned to not waste words in our sentences and get right to the point, as any words after the point has already been made is just a waste.
    We then did the riddle for the day. The point of this activity was to change our way of thinking. We didn’t even need to know what was behind the other letters/numbers. All we needed to care about was the 3 and the E.
    We were told about the new deadlines menu to see our assignments, which will show us exactly where the assignment is via hyperlink.
    We reviewed how every written document is considered an argument.
    We learned that Anne Frank, the author of the infamous holocaust diary, technically lied in her diary as it was revised numerous times. Revision is the same thing as correcting old lies.
    Lastly, we reviewed photos and were told how they can all be looked at differently and have different meanings.


    • kilotoon says:

      We spoke about the controversy of euthanasia, especially different age groups.
      We saw many different pictures and listened to examples. One example would be the gravity & pen discussion. We don’t really know what’s happening but rather understand what is taught to us from science and choose to believe it.


      • eagles21 says:

        Testing a hypthesis and understanding the formation of the value is important. Most essays have to have a catchy phrase and counterargument to defend the begging to end. A lot of thesis take time and a strong word usage. Its important to know the riddle and do many rough drafts for our 3,000 word essay


  32. kilotoon says:

    Good evening, I just have a few questions from the white pages quiz from class today.
    1. How often is it graded and can they be improved? Also are there several or one?
    2. I also missed questions 5,6 and 7.

    I’m sorry to text so late I had an extremely busy day and wasn’t able to get able to get around to it until now. Thank you.


    • davidbdale says:

      1. The White Paper is graded occasionally, and on request. The grading is provisional and requires improvement throughout the semester. It is a Non-portfolio grade.
      5. We write several Hypotheses because research is a moving target. As we read and study, our point of view can (maybe should) change. We’ll eventually settle on one Hypothesis (it becomes our Thesis), but until then, we want to remain flexible to learn.
      6. Mine has several Practice Openings because I haven’t yet settled on a final thesis. I want to be optimistic about eradicating polio, but humanity frustrates me in a new way every decade or so.
      7. Purposeful Summaries make no attempt to convey the entire point of view of the original author’s original work. Instead, they are selective and purposeful. That is, they are shaped by the new author (that’s us) to advance the new author’s argument.


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